Thursday, May 24, 2012

So I am really bad at this whole blog thing but I am really trying. I have been back for about a week from a ten day trip to Munich and Salzburg and lets just say that if I had a choice I would still be in Salzburg right now and not house sitting at my friend's house in ferrum right now. It was so amazing out there and I will post some pictures as soon as all 668 of them load. James and I both went for a school class where we went to the Slazburg Global Seminar and an ISP meeting. It was amazing and we met some great people that I am so lucky to have in my life now. above are some a few of the pictures from our trip

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now that I have time to breathe

Things have been a little crazy lately and I know its my fault for waiting until the last minute to do anything but its to late for that now. It has been a productive day so far so now I'm just going to relax until I have to give my presentation later. I decided that i would post something now that i have time and I am thinking about it since my blog has been neglected in the past week. Over Easter break we got to go home to spend time with my family. We were pretty productive with stuff while we were there. We helped my mom with the yard and garden and bought flowers and vegetables for the gardens even though we had to leave before they actually got planted. I also made a ham by myself for the first time which was pretty exciting and I'm glad i did mess it up. Along with the east er ham i made potatoes and green beans. The potatoes i make are always a favorite and i get asked to make them every time i come home. they are pretty simple to make but i will post the recipe and pictures next time i make them at home. I also made amazing cookies while i was home that everyone loved but that is another recipe that will have to wait for another day. We got back to school Monday night and i have been stressing about the presentation i have to give today and that job i am applying for to work over the summer. It's a teaching assistant position and i finally got the application packet sent in today. My presentation is finally finished after changing it a couple times and practicing it in front of my teacher 3 full times and different parts of it many times. While I am still nervous because i hate talking in front of people I'm confident in my presentation and now i just get to relax and read until i have to head over to do it at 5:15. its crazy to think that after this week we have one full week of classes and then exams. I have so much that is still due so i feel like i should do something now but my teacher told my to just relax. I am excited for our e term though. At our school you have to take at least 1 e term class which is a 3 week term a week after spring semester. for ours, Big man and I are going to Munich and Salzburg for a religion seminar. While I'm not to excited about the seminar, I am very excited about getting to see many places while we are over there. I think this is enough rambling for now so I will keep trying to be better at posting things and try and post more tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sorry it has been a while but I didn't forget about the blog yet things have just been a little crazy. We went to my house for Easter break ad are settling back into school. We have two more weeks as then exams so enjoy these pictures of Natalie, James, and I and will post more detailed stuff when I find time after everything I SHOULD do tonight. Other random pictures I threw in include my doggy freckles and his new toy dragon, my giant bruise I got 5 days ago from falling down the steps and the picture is from today and then when we took the kids to 5 guys while we were home and James taught Natalie how to crack peanuts.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy day for both of us. We woke up about noon and I made eggs sausage and toast for brunch. After spending all day watching TV and on our computers I made grilled cheese and salad for dinner. It was nice to make something that was quick and yummy. Now more TV and computers for the rest of the day and maybe some homework if I feel like getting to that later. Weekends aren't very exciting around here but recently i have been thinking more and more about what I want in my house when we get out. I want a small farm with chickens, horses, and maybe a cow or two. Big man isn't too keen on these ideas but he will get used to it. The most important thing is I just can't wait to get my own kitchen so that I can make all sorts of real food and not just these one dish box meals that I can through together in my skillet, even though i do love my skillet. I just can't wait to get out of a dorm. Big man graduates next year so hopefully he gets an apartment not forever away from school so I can stay with him there. All I can really say is there will be a lot of exciting new things going on in the next few years around here.

Friday, March 30, 2012

My First Posted Recipie keibasa with sauerkraut and potatos

Sorry about the vagueness of this but I made this the other day on our tiny dorm skillet its so simple did not cost much at all. It made enough for Big Man and me with left overs. Normal people it would probably serve 4.
You Will Need
1 polish kielbasa ( I think i used johnsonville? maybe)
1 can sauerkraut
1 can whole potatoes
 First cute the kielbasa up into even sized pieces and cook on both sides on about low/medium for 3 minutes each side. I cooked them with the lid on in order to eat them more.
 this just shows the cans i used.
 while the kielbasa was cooking i drained the can potatoes and cut them into quarters. Add this to the pan after you cook both sides of the kielbasa.
 About a minute after you put the potatoes in put the sauerkraut in. stir it and cook for about 5-10 more minutes, i did this with the lid on taking ti off to stir every couple minutes.
It was Delicious especially with the green beans.
So there you go quick and simple and very Delicious.
I love being able to make meals in our room that aren't from a box and i was so glad that i could do all this in my one skillet.

Random Tid Bits

Big man and I have been dieting but in order to make it a little bit easier (and so big man isn't so grumpy) we decided to do something to make it a little easier. We have these 4 oz. rubbermaid containers and we can have one a day with a treat. Mine are m&ms and his are peanut m&ms. Since we know that this is all we get a day we have to make sure not to eat them all at one time. Doing this makes dieting a lot easier. Because we get a small treat everyday we are less likely to make a huge break.
This is how I am starting to get more organized. I have fallen in love with post-it-notes. What you can't see in the picture is that my desk is lined with stickies too. On the stickies I write things that I need to get done. Each note gets its own task. As I finish what is on the sticky I get the enjoyment of crumpling the note up. What Like the most about this is that as I complete things I can actually see list of things I need to do get smaller. I have been using this for two weeks and so far it has been doing great for me.

I posted this just because I love breakfast and I love that I can make all this on my little electric skillet =].

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Thanks to pinterest and some encouragement from my good friend Bethany, I have decided to start blogging again. Every time I have cooked dinner and done something I thought was exciting I have thought about starting this blog again. So here we are and I will try to do better this time. I have so many pictures on my phone to catch up with so let the excitement begin =]
Most of the things I will be posting about will be things I'm doing at college in a tiny door room so they should be pretty simple. I will try to share recipes and crazy little organization tips I randomly come up with. And probably every now and then you will get random rants about who knows what.

Things that have happened while I was gone.

I'm almost done with my 2nd year of college.
I made it into the teacher education program at my school. 
this is the pin they give you when you make it in

I still with my big man.

I'm trying to get more organized. (a post on this is in the near future)
I have finished 3 internships. in a preschool, 4th and 5th grade class.
I'm trying to get into better shape(still). this lovely sign is on the front of our fridge because he scares me. and no I do not know who he is i just googled angry faces.

I am really starting to see how truly blessed i am.
I have learned the wonders on pinterest and drawsomething

I got a new tattoo.
This seems like a good start for now. I will catch you up more as time goes a long but for now I should probably get back to school work